Housing Maintenance Worker

Reports to General Manager


Carries out on-going maintenance and repair of buildings, grounds, in-suite and common-area assets belonging to Crescent Housing Society



Understands and complies with WorkSafeBC regulations and applicable municipal and provincial health and safety regulations for multi-unit rental housing.


Ensures the safety of self and other maintenance staff/contractors in accordance with WorkSafeBC regulations.


Maintains confidentiality of individual tenants (many of whom are seniors or people with disabilities and may have a range of physical or mental issues) and Crescent Housing Society. Directs all sensitive inquiries to the General Manager


Ensures general security of all buildings, including exterior and interior common areas doors and windows. Informs RCMP and General Manager of security concerns, including vandalism, theft or disturbances as appropriate.

Works with the senior partner with the Maintenance Team  to ensure safe work practices




Performs suite repair and renovations, including painting, plumbing, heating, mechanical and electrical systems that do not require a licensed trade person.


Ensures tenant maintenance requests are dealt with in a timely and workmanlike manner that ensures the best condition of CHS asset. Ensures that repair effort and outcome are noted on repair slips. 


Assists with or performs suite inspections as requested or required.


Performs regular inspections and maintenance of equipment when such work is deemed within the skills and abilities of the Housing Maintenance Worker as agreed to by the General Manager.


AT the direction of Maintenance Team Lead, helps to ensures that grounds and parking areas are maintained in a safe and practical manner.



Participates in staff meetings as required

Updated July 2020