Safety Plan for Staff, Tenants & Others at CHS – May 22, 2020


CHS is both home to 250+ independent seniors and independent adults with disabilities, and the workplace of staff, contractors, and service providers.


During this current public health emergency CHS will adhere to the BC Government’s Restart Plan, all applicable Orders from the Provincial Health Officer and WorkSafe BC regulations.

  1. Safety is priority

  2. By your action or lack of action – do no harm to yourself or others

  3. If you are sick stay home; contact your health provider; see #17 below

  4. Wash your hands often and follow the 20 second soap rule 

  5. Stay two meters away from people not in your household

  6. If you can not maintain safe physical distance use a face mask; use hand hygiene; do not touch the mask or your face; and remove it using proper hygiene.

  7.  If you have a respiratory illness, ask to be tested for Covid 19

  8. Staff will use personal protective equipment, in addition to other safety protocols as appropriate, in specific situations.

  9. Staff, tenants, and others are personally responsible for their own actions, and the actions of their guests.

  10. No one is expected to act outside their role as a staff, tenant, contractor, or service provider.

  11. Most common or public rooms will continue to remain closed until further notice

  12. Staff will use safe tool & equipment handling protocols

  13. Office service counter has plexiglass barrier

  14. Maintenance staff will respond to tenant requests for in-suite repairs using triage protocols – safety & risk to people and property is the primary factor. Staff will not enter apartments if they cannot safely move through the rooms.

  15.  Service providers, contractors, service technicians & delivery people are expected to follow their corporate safe work practice rules while on CHS property.

  16.  If you are unsure ask for assistance, use common sense, and see #2 above.

  17. Resources     Urgent Health or Safety concern – call 911

                          Health questions – call 811

                          BC Covid 19 On-line Assessment Tool –

Crescent Housing Society phone 604 538 9669  fax  604 538 9651 email